Can drinking a lot of soft drinks really effect my teeth? You bet soft drinks can effect teeth. Not only are soft drinks loaded with sugar, the drinks are also very acidic. Soft drinks are almost as acidic as battery acid. The sugar content is extremely high and can decay teeth very quickly. Diet soft drinks are even more acidic than regular sugar soft drinks. Too much acid cannot be good for anything, teeth or tummies!

Dark soft drinks have be found to cause the highest rate of decalcification of enamel over orange soft drinks and followed by lime soft drinks. The acid level of all 3 drinks is similar, but the darker drinks contain more sugar.

Soft drinks are a real risk for patients wearing braces. The bonding techniques that are used for the braces make the surrounding enamel much more vulnerable to enamel demineralization. It is recommended that people wearing braces greatly limit soft drink consumption in order to preserve healthy enamel. If you have any questions regarding dentistry and soft drinks, call our office at 387-3844.


- Written by the Salem Times Register for Dr. Caroline Wallace.