Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Cosmetic dentistry means different things to different people. In our office, we don't differentiate between cosmetic dentistry and non-cosmetic dentistry. We offer the most natural appearing restorations to get the job done over the long haul.

Some people view cosmetic dentistry as having elective treatment to make the front teeth look good and to have Hollywood smiles. We define cosmetic dentistry as the most natural looking restorations for each individual situation. Not everyone has or should have a Hollywood smile. “Cosmetic” services range broadly from small tooth colored fillings, to porcelain fillings, to porcelain crowns, to porcelain veneers, to whitening of the teeth, to orthodontic straightening of the teeth. There are many factors that come into the equation of satisfying the cosmetic need for dentistry.

Many myths exist concerning cosmetic dentistry. Insurance companies do not recognize payment for some cosmetic restorations, even when the “cosmetic” option is the best option. With today's modern materials and improved performance, many teeth are better restored with tooth colored resins versus the traditional silver fillings. Many people feel that cosmetic dentistry is only for the wealthy or the young. Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone. Everybody wants to look his/her best. The most noticeable feature on the face is the smile. That's what people see first!


- Written by the Salem Times Register for Dr. Caroline Wallace.